About us

Don’t worry about automatisms. We will do it for you.

We are a recognized company in the world of automation because of the quality of our work and the improvement that our collaboration supposes to the business of our customers. Our aim is to expand without losing the taste for the detail, proximity and complicity with our customers.


Tecno Elèctric Girona is a specialized company in industrial automation with a great production capacity. Our staff has an in-depth knowledge to develop, implement and give advice - integral or partially - to any automatism in any sector. We are the ideal conduit for new and innovative solutions to existing problems. Always with top technology and productivity.


TEG has experienced a big expansion, nevertheless the company preserves agility and flexibility to provide prompt responses. We also take care of having close, personalized and tailored management with clients, thanks to the experience-technology binomial.

TEG's vocation is to become the strategic partner for the companies in need of automation, and to accomplish so in a professional, competitive and committed way. We face the future with enthusiasm and the desire to expand.