Machinery and industrial processes automation

  • Engineering

    TEG’s department of engineering has got an extensive experience and knowledge of industrial processes. We can provide solutions, develop new designs or make improvements to a project already developed.

  • Construction

    We work with supplies from leading brands, looking for productivity, quality and efficiency. Whatever is the need for automation, TEG has got the knowledge and experience in order to offer solutions.

  • Setting up

    Our specialists go to the customer's houses or to the specified places where the customer says to carry out the installations of the machines or the automatisms.

  • After-sales

    Restoration, renovation and maintenance of facilities and/or machinery.

We adapt to you

Top technology

We constantly adapt our work system and also improve our procedures to persist in being a point of reference. We offer and use all the latest technological advances of the market. TEG meets innovation, technology and productivity.


We have the capacity to provide full solutions (engineering + production), partial projects, big machinery or large installations, specific and customized machines ... always under the best conditions and in the best terms. Anywhere. On time.